Census of Ireland 1901/1911

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  • The 1911 census lists, for every member of each household; name, age, sex, relationship to head of the household, religion, occupation, marital status and county or country of birth. The census also records an individual’s ability to read or write and ability to speak the Irish language.

    Married women were also required to state the number of years they had been married, the number of their children born alive and the number still living.

    All of this information is given on Form A of the census, which was filled in and signed by the head of each household.

    The returns also give details of houses, recording the number of windows, type of roof and number of rooms occupied by each family. Each house is also classified according to its overall condition. The number of out-offices and farm buildings attached to each household is also given. PDF downloads are freely available.

    Link: Census of Ireland 1901/1911