Family Tree Analyzer
The FT Analyzer by Alexander Bisset offers an interesting set of analysis options for any GEDCOM file
Gedcom Publisher
Gedcom Publisher is a unique e-book publishing tool
GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and 5.5.1
These are the current GEDCOM specifications in PDF and HTML, as implemented by , which focusses on compliance with Standard Release 5
GEDCOM Validator
GEDCOM Validator is a tool for checking a GEDCOM file for problems which could lead to data loss when transferring files between different genealogy applications
This paid for App (£3
The GedFamilies app enables family files in GEDCOM format to be transferred from a PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phone or tablet, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are
GedPad Editor
GedPad is a freeware line-editor for GEDCOM files, and understands the GEDCOM standard syntax
GedSite creates web pages from a GEDCOM file
GedStar Pro
GedStar Pro is a free Android app that lets you view all of your genealogy data in detail on your Android smartphone or tablet
GedView can import a GEDCOM file and linked multimedia files to an iPad or iPod or iPhone and display almost everything entered in Family Historian
GEDxlate quickly and easily translates genealogy data from standard GEDCOM format into MS Access dB, MS Excel Worksheet, comma delimited CSV, and text file TXT formats
GenSmarts is a utility that uses artificial intelligence to analyse your existing genealogy file and produce research recommendations via its To Do List tab
Gigatrees is available as a downloadable, standalone, cost and ad free, Windows 64-bit, console application
Heredis mobile app for iOS and Android
Heredis is an application which allows you to keep your genealogy always to hand
Nodesoft – Search and Replace
Handy text tool for use when fixing GEDCOM files from other programs
Excellent and very powerful PHP based dynamic system
PSPad Editor
PSPad is a very comprehensive freeware text and code editor, great for working with “dodgy” GEDCOM It also includes useful editing functions for HTML, LUA, and other file formats, as well as composing Family Historian Functions
PSPad Family Historian Functions
PSPad Editor is a freeware text editor
PSPad phReplace Multiline Search and Replace
PSPad is a freeware text editor that supports scripted add-ons
Res Privata – Gedcom Privatisation
This program has gone from its homepage, so it has been uploaded to the FHUG
RJT Family Historian Converter
This program was originally developed to ease the export of Multimedia to phpgedview
TextPad Gedcom Syntax File
The TextPad Gedcom Syntax File allows a GEDCOM file to be spell-checked and the Family Historian extensions (user-defined tags) highlighted
The Complete Genealogy Reporter (TCGR)
The Complete Genealogy Reporter (TCGR) uses GEDCOM data to create reports containing narrative, media, trees, and indexes
The GEDCOM Parser Library
Free C++ source code and demo for The GEDCOM Parser Library (TGP)