Named Lists


Named Lists are probably the most under used and misunderstood functions in Family Historian, perhaps because they can be used in so many ways. For example:

  • Quick access to the prime members of your tree
  • Research/To Do List of Actions for a Repository
  • List of data requiring review
  • List of ‘on order’ information
  • List of people to delete from your tree
  • List of Sources which need scans added
  • List of Pictures, which need editing or re-scanning
  • Marking individuals to display in a diagram/display in a particular way.

Named Lists and Record Flags have some uses in common, as you can see from the chapter on Named Lists and Record Flags in “Getting the Most from Family Historian”However, as explained below, Named Lists have many more features than Record Flags.

Using Named Lists

To view or hide Named Lists:

To create a Named List, use the Lists > New Named List command, or right-click an empty part of the Named List Pane and choose New List…

Once you have created a Named List, right-click on its name and you will see more options.

Adding Records to a List


In the Records Window select both the desired records and the named list, then:

Using a Query

In the Result Set tab, use the Query Menu Add Row Records to Named List command to add all the records.

Alternatively, select specific records and use the Query Menu Add Selected Cell Records to Named List command.

Using the Linked Records View

Select one record and use View > Record Links . In the Record Links dialogue, optionally select a subset of the records, and click the  icon in bottom left corner to use the Add All/Selection to Named List command.

Removing Records from a List


In the Named List of Records, select those to be removed, then press the DELETE key or use Edit > Delete, and take heed of the warning message.

To remove all the Records, select the list name in the Named List Pane and use Lists > Empty Named List, or right-click the list name and choose the Empty List option, but there is no warning message.

Using a Query

In the Result Set tab, use the Query Menu > Remove Row Records from Named List to remove all the records found by the query.

Tips and Tricks

Record Notes Pane

The unlabeled pane below the Records list allows notes to be added to each record that only apply to the list. For example, they can be used to explain why the record is in the list.

The size of this notes pane and the two panes above can be adjusted by left-click & drag on the horizontal and vertical borders of the panes.

List Properties

Select a Named List and use Lists > Named Lists Properties or right-click and choose List Properties to see its details.

The List Name may be as long and as descriptive as you like.

The List Note can explain the purpose of the list in greater detail.

For a more visible explanation of purpose, add a dedicated Note record to the top of the Named List, and in its note pane at the bottom add a detailed description.

Keep Current List Order

To retain the records in a Named List in a particular order, select the list and use Lists  or right-click and choose Keep Current List Order.

The records can be rearranged at any time by clicking on column headings, but when the list is opened again the records will return to the preserved order.

Named List Report

Use Publish > Miscellaneous Reports > List Report and choose the Named List required. This only lists the Record Names & Record Id, plus their list Notes if any, but not any Configured Columns. To include all such columns see how to Customise or Print Records Window Columns.

Using a List in a Query

In a Query Window on the Rows tab use the List tab, or use the =IsInList() function.

Using a List in a Diagram

In a Diagram Window open the Options and on the Text or Boxes tab use the =IsInList() function in conditional expressions.

See Using Named Lists to Mark a Diagram (Animated Tutorial) for more detail.

Deleting a List

There are various methods to delete any list via the Named List Pane:

Take heed of the warning message.

Deleting all the Records in a List

To actually delete all listed records, select the list name in the Named List Pane and use ]fh_menu]Lists > Delete Named List Records[/fh_menu], or right-click the list name and choose the Delete Listed Records… option, and take heed of the warning message.

Last update: 01 Apr 2021