Creating a Book


A book containing as much or as little information as you require on an individual, their family, their ancestors or descendants. The book creation is accessed from the main menu Publish > Books

How to Create a book

Once you have selected the menu option above you will be asked if you want to open an existing book or create a new one. If a new one then you will be required to give it a name. This dialog box is then displayed allowing you to choose the various elements that make up the book.

You select which of the sections that you want in the book by highlighting an item in the left pane and clicking to move it to the right pane. Depending on which of the options are chosen in the left pane an additional dialog box may be displayed to choose additional options before the item is added to the right pane.

Once you have selected all the items that you require for the book click on Book Settings to see the various configuration items for your book.

Finally select the View Book option to see what your book looks like.

Should you wish to make changes to the book you can select the edit option in the initial Publish > Books dialog box and change or add to the books contents. Once you are happy with the book then it can be printed, saved as a pdf or saved as a word document for further external editing.

Book Free Page Content

Sometimes a Publish > Books page may need images and text that cannot be created using a standard Report. So try using View > Standard Diagram Types > Blank Diagram that offers some features like a word-processor to compose the page based on the following steps.

  • Use Diagram > Options > Background: One colour and in Options select white, OK.
  • Use Diagram > Insert into Diagram > Picture and choose any image file.
  • Adjust the size & position of this image similar to an image inserted into MS Word.
  • Use Diagram > Insert into Diagram > Text Box and draw a box where text is wanted.
  • Use Diagram > Format and enter the Text required on the page. It can combine plain text with Expressions to extract data from the Project.
  • Click Font button and choose a font, style, size, colour, etc.
  • Set Alignment as required to Left, Centred, Right, or Justified.
  • On Line and Fill tab set Fill and Line to None or as required.
  • Repeat any of above for more images & text, and drag them where wanted on page.
  • Use Diagram > Order & Grouping to put say text over images, or group images & text into single entities.
  • Finally use Diagram > Save Diagram As > Family HistorianFamily Historian (FH) is a comprehensive genealogy software product published by Calico Pie Limited. Chart with an appropriate name, which will appear in the Book table of Contents.

Now in Edit Book select Saved Chart, then click > and choose the Chart name saved above.

In Select Chart Pages click Position on Page, then use cursor to drag to middle of one page.

Family picture

Last update: 10 Sep 2020