Create an export GEDCOM based on a diagram


It can sometimes be useful to export all the people shown on a selected Diagram. The following will work for V4 and above.


  • Create the Diagram on which you want to make the split. Use expansion buttons to show only those individuals that you want to keep in the tree. You can have multiple trees in the diagram, and you can hide boxes.
  • Hold down the CTRL key and press A and all the boxes will be selected.
  • From the menu select Edit > Add to Named List.
  • Type “Tree Export” as the name of the list. Press OK when asked if you want to create a new list.
  • Select File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File from the menu.
  • Click the Select button.
  • Click on the Named List Tab.
  • Select your new list “Tree Export“.
  • Click >> to move all the people to the right and click OK.
  • Tick all the boxes for information you wish to exclude (for Ancestry or Genes Reunited, tick them all).
  • Click OK and select the filename and location you want FH to put your file.
Last update: 22 Feb 2021

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