Contact Info Attribute


This technique creates a custom Contact Info Attribute, which can be used in conjunction with a custom Property Box Tab, custom Report, and custom Query to manage contact details for any Individual. See the Forum thread Saving Contact Info for Living People.

The Download Contact Info provides the fact set, property box, report, and query that you need to implement this approach.

Narrative Reports

The Fact Set defines the Sentence Template such that Narrative Reports say nothing about the Contact Info, but if details are wanted, then use Tools > Fact Types > Contact Info > Edit > Sentence Template as shown below for ƒh V6 only:

Contact {value} {place}<at {address}>< {%FACT.ADDR.POST%}><, Tel: {%FACT.PHON%}><, {%FACT.PHON[2]%}><, {%FACT.PHON[3]%}><, Email: {%FACT._EMAIL%}><, {%FACT._EMAIL[2]%}><, {%FACT._EMAIL[3]%}><, Web: {%FACT._WEB%}><, {%FACT._WEB[2]%}><, {%FACT._WEB[3]%}><, Profile: {%FACT.AGNC%}>

Alphabetical Sort

To obtain alphabetically sorted contact details, enter the Name field with surname first, e.g. Munro, Steve, Mr. In the Query, set the Name column to Sort Ascending, and for the Report select Add using Query and choose the Query. In the Report Options, maybe set the Format tab Record Heading to use the %INDI._ATTR-CONTACT_INFO% Name instead of %INDI.NAME:ADORNED_FULL%, and on the Page Layout tab untick Start records on new page. The birth name can be added to the Contents tab Main Section Items by editing the default Name to Show even if empty.


Last update: 10 Sep 2020