Changing External File Links (Video)

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Media Media files 


Short video on how to change and move media around using the Work with External File Links Tool.

Note that all the File Links are listed within the Project Data Folder and so are ‘relative links’. Their big advantage is they allow projects to be moved from Location to Location or even PC to PC without breaking the links.



If finding it difficult to Re-Map folders then try the following guidelines until more familiar with the capabilities:

  • Use Windows/File Explorer to structure & rename the actual folders & file names in your filing system into your desired hierarchy.
  • In the External File Links dialogue, initially only select one folder to Re-Map at a time, or if using ƒh V6 or later then use the Auto Repair Links button.
  • The selected folder must exist in your filing system and hold substantially the same folders & files as shown in the File Links list.
  • If there is no such matching folder, then use Edit to change a folder in the File Links list to match.
  • Use Re-Map and browse to and choose the actual parent folder of the selected File Links folder.


For V5 or V6 you can also use the Check and Repair Media Links plugin to repair links broken by moving files.

Last update: 15 Apr 2021