Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Restore Original Settings


Follow these instructions to restore Ancestral Sources and Family Historian to their original state.

Restore Ancestral Sources

To restore Ancestral Sources, use Tools > Restore A.S. Options… and then locate and Open the AS Options Backup.xml file backed up originally.

Ancestral Sources will then close, and when next run will use the restored settings.

Restore Family Historian

To restore Family Historian Version 4.1 (or later) perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the entire Family Historian Sample Project folder from within the Family Historian Projects master folder, or use File > Project Window…, folowed by the More Tasks… button and Delete Project… option.
  2. Delete any downloaded image file(s) from your usual family history working folder, such as:
    1897-06-07 CHILDS Marriage.jpg
  3. Use File > Project Window… followed by the More Tasks… button , then Samples  then Reset Sample Project and accept the prompts to recreate the sample project. This project can be used for any experimental use of either Family Historian or Ancestral Sources without risk to your main project, and can easily be reset.
Last update: 11 Sep 2020