Query and Spreadsheet: Multimedia File Links

This download is intended to help manage broken File Links in conjunction with Tools > Work with External File Links.  The Multimedia File Links query simply lists all Multimedia Object Records with their File Links. The Result Set is used in a Multimedia File Links spreadsheet, which allows all broken File Links to be listed together. Both a Microsoft Office Excel (.xls) spreadsheet and an OpenOffice.org Calc (.ods) spreadsheet are provided.

NOTE: Since ƒh V6 the Tools > External File Links command and Multimedia Window have their own link repair features.

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the link below to download and save the compressed ZIP file, then unpack/extract the three compressed files.
  2. Double click the MultimediaFileLinks.fhq file to import it into Family Historian.
  3. For ƒh V4 Projects with relative Media File Links, put the MultimediaFileLinks.xls/.ods spreadsheets in the .fh_data folder that holds the Media subfolder.

Usage Guide

These notes are also included in the MultimediaFileLinks Query General tab.

The spreadsheet macros associated with its buttons need to be enabled by setting trusted sources/locations:
Excel 2002 or earlier uses Tools > Macro > Security > Trusted Sources.
Excel 2007 uses Office button > Excel Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings > Trusted Locations.
OpenOffice Calc uses Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org > Security > Macro Security >Trusted Sources.
In the Trusted Sources/Locations page add the path to the folder containing the spreadsheet.
Excel 2003 only uses Tools > Macro > Security > Security Level > Medium.

Run the Query and select the entire Result Set using Ctrl-A and then use Edit > Copy or Ctrl-C to copy to clipboard.
Open the spreadsheet, select cell B2 and then use Paste or Ctrl-V to enter the Result Set into columns B and C.
OpenOffice.org Calc has a Text Import popup, so choose the Separated by Tab and Text delimiter “ options.

For {[fh]} V4 Projects, click the Press for Path button to enter the __relative__ Media File Path into cell C1.
This relies upon the spreadsheet being in the .fh_data folder that holds the Media folder.
The spreadsheet uses this File Path in conjunction with Media folder __relative__ File Links.
It also recognises __absolute__ File Links that specify a drive letter and full folder & file path.

The Exists (column A) values are No for broken links, Yes for good links, and ~ for empty links.
Click the Press to Sort button, and all the Exists = No rows will be listed above the Exists = Yes rows.

Use Windows Explorer to move or rename media files, and run the spreadsheet to check links again.
Alternatively, use FH to alter Multimedia Records via Work with External File Links or the Records Window.

Download: Query and Spreadsheet: Multimedia File Links