Families with a Child of a Specified Name

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Family Queries 

Returns families who have a child with a specified given name, which is prompted for on running the query. The query returns all families in the file who have at least one child having that name amongst his/her given names, regardless of whether the name in question occurs first or later in the child’s given name sequence, or is only part of a name, e.g. ‘Sam’ would match ‘Sam’ and ‘Samuel’ and ‘Samantha’.

Shows result of custom Query

Caters for families with up to 13 children but could easily be adjusted to cope with bigger families.

Could be used for populating a Named List for use in other queries such as Families Common to 3 Named Lists

Download: Families with a Child of a Specified Name

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