Enhanced Death and Burial

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Fact Sets 

Add this Fact Set to add new Death Facts. In addition, if you install my new Property Box Tabs – Military, Census & Wills you will need this Fact Set to ensure that the Wills custom tab works.

Image shows new facts added by this Fact Set

This Fact Set allows you to record many attributes related to death or burial records.

One allows you to record the occupation of the deceased as given on some burial records. Next I have recorded the ‘bereavement’ of an individual by recording their dead spouse’s name (I would have made it an event but you get more flexible text boxes in an attribute).

Another allows you to record the address given by the informant on a death certificate (useful if a family member not living with the deceased).

Others allow Will and Probate information, value of the estate, location of the grave, and memorial details to be recorded.

Facts Included

• Beneficiary in Will
• Burial – Occupation
• Dead Spouse’s Name
• Executed Will
• Executor for this will
• Grave Location
• Letters of Administration
• Memorial
Occupation on Probate Index or Admin
• Residence – Deceased’s Name
• Value of Estate

Produced by annettelindahutton (16/10/10)


Download: Enhanced Death and Burial