Census UK 1939 Register

At the outbreak of World War II the British were required to register in order to obtain identity cards, ration books, etc. This is the only surviving UK national survey between 1921 and 1951, because the 1931 Census for England and Wales was destroyed by fire during the war, and no Census was taken in 1941. See The National Archives ~ 1939 Register.

This download is now redundant as Ancestral Sources incorporates the Census UK 1939 Register into its standard Settings, but the [[#Installation Instructions]] below explain how to adjust the Census Event narrative Sentence Template to conditionally say register instead of census.


Installation Instructions

In Family Historian, to adjust the Census Event to say register instead of census, follow the advice given in [[AncestralSources:Family Historian Census Event for UK 1939 Register]] which explains how to test the Census Fact Date and if 29 Sep 1939 then display register but otherwise display census as in the original narrative sentence.


[dw-pushfile data=”fhugdownloads:contents:uk1939.xml|UK 1939 Register Template”] ~ Redundant