Ancestral Sources auto-text Templates for Marriages and Banns

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • FH versions: V7
  • Download type: AutoText (V7) 

These are some alternate Ancestral Sources auto-text templates that make use of the Rich Text tables to format the output more like the forms found in the pre-printed Parish Records. They are intended for use with FH7 and AS7, in particular AS v7.2.0 is required due to use of some new auto-text functions.
To use, open the auto-text template editor in AS and create a new template. Give it a title (such as the filename of the template) and paste the template file content in the edit box. Save the template and it is now available to select, and use.
AS does not support Banns directly, but you can use a Banns template while doing a marriage to capture a transcription and add the dates (manually). Then copy the displayed auto-text and paste in to a source record in FH before the switching to a Marriage template to complete the capture of a marriage as normal. You can do it as two separate captures but this way saves entering data twice.

Download: Ancestral Sources auto-text Templates for Marriages and Banns

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