All Empty Facts

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Fact Queries 

Finds all Facts (Events/Attributes) without any subordinate fields. i.e. No Date, Age, Place, Address,Shows the custom Query result Cause, Note, Media, Citation, etc, etc. These empty Facts can then be easily reviewed, selected, and deleted as necessary.

The query was revised to exclude each Emigration Event with only a To field, and each Immigration Event with only a From field.

  • To delete such empty Facts once you have the Result Set on screen
  • Click on the Fact column header to sort into name order
  • Highlight all fields for a Fact name to be deleted by a click on the first one and a Shift-click on the last one
  • Press the Delete key or use Edit > Delete
  • After reading the warning message click OK.
Download: All Empty Facts