6×4 Record Card – with Sources
A 6×4 Individual Record Card template for storing your data as an index card
6×4 Record Card – without Sources
A 6×4 Individual Record Card template without sources (to save card space) for storing your data as an index card
6×4 Source Card
A 6×4 Source Card template for storing your data as an index card
Ahnentafel with Generation and Kekulé Numbers
This report lists an ancestry table (Ahnentafel) generation by generation, including Kekulé numbers
Ancestor Outline with all Events
Report Type : Ancestor Outline with all events shown
Census Events
Census Report based on the Individual Summary in order to show Census Events on both Spouse Family and Individual Census events
Contact Info – Report
This custom Report can be used to produce a report containing all Individual Records where the Contact Info Attribute has been completed
Descendant Outline with all Events
Descendant Outline with All Events shown 1 per line
Family Group Sheet – Short
Short Family Group Sheet, no photos or sources, but Birth Marriage, Spouse Name fields are shown even if blank
Family Group Sheet – Ultra Short
Ultra Short Family Summary (Family Group Sheet) showing just Children and parents
Family Group Sheet and Blanks
Family Group sheet which prints labels and lines to encourage people to fill in the missing data
Family Group Sheet and Detailed Blanks
A more comprehensive fill in the blanks family group page
Individual Multimedia
Quick overview of photos entered per individual
Individual Occupations
Occupations Report, produces a list of people with at least one Occupation recorded
Individuals List
A simple report listing of all Individuals, one per line, as requested by a ‘The Next Generation’ (TNG) user on the mailing list, for hard-copy reference purposes
Source Summary and Notes
Standard Source summary with the first two linked notes and the first two local notes added
To Do Lists
The Fact Set creates a Custom Attribute in which the Note field holds labelled details of Work In Progress or Research To Do for the associated Individual