Duplicate Spouses
This Query reads through all Families comparing the first 3 spouses of each husband, and lists the Families where the man has the same spouse twice
Families Common to 3 Named Lists
Returns families who occur in each of 3 specified pre-populated Named Lists, that are prompted for on running the query
Families with a Child of a Specified Name
Returns families who have a child with a specified given name, which is prompted for on running the query
Family List by Record ID
Lists all Families on file by the Family Record ID, showing Husband, Wife, Marriage Date & Place, number of Children attached to the family, and Automated and Custom ID’s
Married Cousins and Other Relationships
Family Query which lists Families where the Husband and Wife have a second relationship
Missing Statutory Marriage Certificate
A checklist to identify individuals where marriage dates are not fully recorded (estimates, ranges, etc), and may indicate certificates still to be sourced
Redundant Families
This query will find Family Records with no parents and only one child attached
Wedding Anniversaries
This lists married couple details where there is a wedding date and both partners have no death information