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Post by alwynevans » 10 Oct 2019 09:29

Is it possible when adding Witnesses via the Resident Fact to include the witness relationship to the Head please so that the relationship is included in reports? I have tried to include the relationships in the Notes box but these do not appear in Narrative Reports.



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Re: Witnesses

Post by tatewise » 10 Oct 2019 10:12

Yes it is possible, but remember that Witness details only appear in Narrative Reports and not any other type of Report nor is it easy to get them into Diagram boxes.

There are two options, and both require editing the Tools > Fact Types entry for Residence.
See the Knowledge Base > Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates for advice. Please read it.
BTW: If you are using this technique to record relationships from Census records, then it is not recommended.

1) Roles
Currently the Residence fact only has one Witness Role defined for Resident.
You would have to use Roles and Add to add a relationship Role for each type of relationship.
The Witness Sentence Template would need to list every such Role in the {other=...} code.
( Every time you added another Role, all those Templates would have to update the {other=...} code. )
The rest of the template would need to be worded to identify the relationship.
We can go into more details later if you choose this option.

2) Notes
You could use the Residence fact Witness local Note to specify the relationship as you have been doing.
That then needs to be incorporated into the Witness Sentence Template of the existing Residence Role (see above).
{date} {individual} {%CUR~WITN.NOTE2%} lived {place} <with {other=principal,resident}>
{%CUR~WITN.NOTE2%} is the special contextual data reference that refers to the current Witness local Note.
See Knowledge Base > Understanding Data References > Contextual Data References.
We can go into more details later if you choose this option.
Also see Witness notes (17124) discussion thread.
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