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FH6 under Wine on Lubuntu

Post by tatewise » 11 Sep 2019 11:34

In Linux with FH 5.0 (SOLVED) (17073) on Tue 10th Sep 2019 15:22 davidf raised issues that warrant a few comments:
  1. If you make a formatting hash of inputting a date and you get the window asking you to clarify what date you mean - and then you move away from that dialogue without correcting the date, you hang. It will eventually ask if you want to "close the process" (i.e. shut FH) or you can kill the program through the Linux task manager. Neither option is very useful, so when entering dates, get them right or correct them before moving on.
    Can Crossover and PlayOnMac/Unix users please check if this is problem for them, and report back here.
    One workaround is to use the Date Entry Assistant to ensure correct Date format.
  2. Windows/dialogues behave differently. When you get used to this it is actually a benefit. You can switch between windows/dialogues in *Ubuntu linux (and probably others) rather than between applications. This means that you can bring the FH individual properties window up on top of a browser displaying FMP or Ancestry etc - which is useful - you can even move you mouse over the browser and (without clicking) use the mouse wheel to scroll the browser window under the FH dialogue window.
    Since the introduction of non-modal windows such as the floating Property Box, that behaviour is exactly the same in a genuine Windows PC, so Linux is not different.
  3. The pdf Print driver does not seem to work. I used to use this to produce banner family trees (with a large customised page size). There is another discussion about a means around this. However this does not work for me - seems to hang the program.
    It is well documented that such Windows Printer Drivers are NOT supported in Wine based products.
    See Knowledge Base > Printing and PDF and the subsequent Reported Problems for detailed advice and workarounds.
    The discussion mentioned only applies to Linux running VirtualBox running genuine Windows which should behave as a genuine Windows PC. Wine is a Windows emulator, NOT a virtual machine such as VirtualBox running Windows itself.
  4. The file handling dialogues can be a bit iffy (recently much improved), so finding a media file to add to your FH project can be slow/problematic. The easier way is to have your linux file manager open in the right place, bring your add media FH dialogue up on top of it (see 2 above) and drag and drop the file.
    Good advice such as that should be added for the benefit of others in the Knowledge Base > Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine.
  5. AS does not seem to want to work - but I have had a love/hate relationship with this, so I live without.
    I think this is a known problem with Wine, but less so with Crossover and PlayOnMac (and presumably PlayOnLinux but no 'guinea-pig' has offered to try).
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