* MacOS Users - Wine Development and MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

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MacOS Users - Wine Development and MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Post by mjashby » 11 Sep 2019 06:32

For those Mac Users running Family Historian, or any other Windows software, under 'Wine', i.e. a native Wine installation, Crossover, PlayOnMac, Wineskin etc.; for the latest developments on a solution for Apple's decision not to support (block) any 32-bit software running on it's next, 'Catalina'/MacOS 10.15, and future OS updates, please see this Codeweavers Blog post:

https://www.codeweavers.com/about/blogs ... dium=email

Codeweavers, the developers of Crossover, have the lead on developing the solution in partnership with the Wine Team, so other front end providers are dependent on their progress and the general advice is that if running Windows software under Wine is important/vital to you, then don't upgrade to Catalina/MacOS 10.5, which is now expected to be released in October, until a solution has been announced. Mac Crossover subscribers, it seems, will get a 3 month extension to their current subscription in recognition of the fact that the current version of their software will not be functional on Catalina, which could be an indicator of how much longer they expect it may take to get to a final release version of a working solution.

Unix Users of Wine/Crossover are not affected by this issue as, whilst some of the major developers have said that they will only be be releasing future OS upgrades as 64-bit, unlike Apple, they will not be removing the ability of their 64-bit OS releases to continue to run 32-bit code/software.


P.S. My understanding is that all Windows software running under Wine is/will be affected by this issue as even if '64-bit only' Windows applications usually contain some 32-bit code, e.g. the vast majority of Windows software make use of 32-bit installers to detect the capabilities of the Operating system and to set up the application correctly.

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