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Adding Simple Content without an Account

Post by tatewise » 13 Dec 2021 12:29

Amendments to How to Add Content to the Knowledge Base.

Change the subsection title to:
Add/Update Simple Content without an Account
or if you don't like that then:
Adding or Updating Simple Content without an Account

Change two of the bullet points as highlighted in red below:
  • A file or URL (depending on what content you’re creating).
    Some file types (such as html and xml) are disallowed as they pose a security risk. So, convert them to a compressed (zip) folder and submit that. Remember to mention unzipping in the Installation Instructions.
  • A simple text description of the content you’re creating, which will be used to create the main body of the content. Include any Installation Instructions where necessary.
    If you are replacing an existing entry:
    • Preferably supply a completely new entry by editing a copy from the current page;
    • Alternatively, provide clear and simple instructions of the changes to be made on your behalf.
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Re: Adding Simple Content without an Account

Post by ColeValleyGirl » 13 Dec 2021 13:10

Title change done.

Others are unnecessary because the info is/will be included in the relevant forms -- when a problem with the Members website form has been resolved.

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