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Website Tree Diagrams with Hyperlinks

Posted: 27 Oct 2021 13:06
by tatewise
Would some FHUG Knowledge Base articles on this topic be worth considering?

There are already entries for the SVG Family-Tree Generator and GedMill, although the GedMill entry has issues. The link to is broken and that it does not work well with FH7 needs a reference to the 'Export Gedcom File' plugin (GWC) GEDmill Website Creator mode.

Even simply adding a link to the Adding hyperlinks to pdf family tree charts (19902) thread would be useful, where Helen has explained how to migrate the diagrams output by GedMill into a website generated by FH with online references to GedMill at and to the GedMill installation download via the Wayback Machine at ... taller.exe.

Re: Website Tree Diagrams with Hyperlinks

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 11:14
by tatewise
Development associated with this concept is in Website Tree Diagrams with Hyperlinks (19930) Plugin Discussions thread.