* Work with external file links

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Work with external file links

Post by brianosborn118 » 09 Jun 2013 14:12


I have been using Family Historian V4.1.3 for a while now, but my PC crashed and I ended up buying a new one.
I had my files backed up, but I have a problem.
On my old PC all my Progs and files were on my C: Drive, on my new PC I have a Large External Drive which I use for Photos and some software.
I have installed Family Historian on this drive F:, problem is the Path for all my files, still shows as C:Family Tree in Work with External File Links, is there a way I can change this Path to my new Disk F:


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Work with external file links

Post by tatewise » 09 Jun 2013 16:08

I would advise that you install the Family Historian program on the default C: drive in the default Program Files folder, although I agree this is not essential.

Nevertheless, I think you will find that the ProgramData folder is still on the C: drive at C:ProgramDataCalico PieFamily Historian.
If you had customised any Reports, Diagrams, Queries, etc, etc, then this is where they were stored on your old PC.
If you had backups of this folder, then they need to be restored, otherwise I am afraid you may have lost them all, unless you had used File > Import/Export > Export to save them.

The most probable reason that your Multimedia File Links are now broken is that you have not adopted the Project Structure introduced with V4.
See Understanding Projects in the Knowledge Base.
If you use Projects then Multimedia File Links become relative to the Project Structure and are immune to moving the Project location.

There are two possible ways to proceed depending on whether you believe you have adopted Projects or not.

(1) Projects
To deal with the F: drive mapping use Tools > Work with External File Links.
Collapse and select all the folders immediately below the Media folder.
Click Re-Map button and choose Re-map within Project Data Folder.
Ensure the Target Folder is the Media folder at the top and click OK.
That should re-map such that Project Data Folder - Media are at the top of the File Links window and no drive letters are mentioned.
This represents the desired relative file links.

(2) Non-Projects
To deal with the F: drive mapping use Tools > Work with External File Links.
Select C: and then Edit to change the drive letter.
The same can be done for folder names if necessary.
If the number of nested folders has changed, then this can be fixed with Re-Map and Re-map to Other Location.
The Help button gives details.

Now I strongly advise you convert to the Project Structure.
Mike Tate ~ researching the Tate and Scott family history ~ tatewise ancestry