* V4.1.3 Query - request for help

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V4.1.3 Query - request for help

Post by M731S25 » 25 May 2013 18:30

I’ve tried creating a query (on version 4.1.3)  to include all the following columns :-

Report Column                        Expression

Individuals Name (Surname, First)       %INDI.NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Birth Date                        %INDI.BIRT[1].DATE:COMPACT%
Birth Place                        %INDI.BIRT[1].PLAC:FULL%
Baptism Date                        %INDI.BAPM[1].DATE:COMPACT%
Baptism Place                        %INDI.BAPM[1].PLAC:FULL%
Marriage 1 Date                  %INDI.FAMS[1]>MARR[1].DATE%
Marriage 1 Place                  %INDI.~SPOU[1]>FAMS[1]>MARR[1].PLAC%
Spouse 1 Name                        %INDI.~SPOU[1]>NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Marriage 2 Date                  %INDI.FAMS[2]>MARR[1].DATE%
Marriage 2 Place                  %INDI.~SPOU[2]>FAMS[1]>MARR[1].PLAC%
Spouse 2 Name                        %INDI.~SPOU[2]>NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Marriage 3 Date                  %INDI.FAMS[3]>MARR[1].DATE%
Marriage 3 Place                  %INDI.~SPOU[3]>FAMS[1]>MARR[1].PLAC%
Spouse 3 Name                        %INDI.~SPOU[3]>NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Father ‘s Name                        %INDI.FAMC[1]>HUSB[1]>NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Mother’s Date                        %INDI.FAMC[1]>WIFE[1]>NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST%
Death Date                        %INDI.DEAT[1].DATE:COMPACT%
Death Place                        %INDI.DEAT[1].PLAC:FULL%

I’ve added a parameter query with “Place name” to compile a report of people/events in a place.  The filters are based on :-
Add if “expression” contains “value”


Result Set :
Some places for the 2nd / 3rd marriages are shown alongside the spouse #2 name  (they occurred in the place according to my parameter query)
However I would still like the columns to list all the place names even if this occurred outside the county.  How should I express this in the query ?
Appreciate any advice.  

Also if the 2nd marriage occurred outside my parameter query (e.g. county of Leicester) and the spouse is technically on their 1st marriage & 2nd family (i.e. my individual has an earlier family as an unmarried mother) will this affect the filter : %INDI.~SPOU[2]>FAMS[1]>MARR[1].PLAC%  ?

Thanks for any help.


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V4.1.3 Query - request for help

Post by tatewise » 25 May 2013 19:32

First of all some types appear to have crept into your posting.
e.g.   ( where X is 1, or 2, or 3 )
In the Columns:
Why use %INDI.FAMS[X]>MARR[1].DATE% for dates,
and use %INDI.~SPOU[X]>FAMS[1]>MARR[1].PLAC% for places,
when %INDI.FAMS[X]>MARR[1].PLAC% is more consistent?

In the Rows should all three Marriage Place expressions be:
to match with the Column expressions?

Result Set:
If an Individual Record matches a Rows filter then all its Columns will be evaluated whether they match the filter or not.
If any Place name Columns are empty, then the Marriage event must have no Place recorded, or perhaps there is no Marriage event at all.

FH does not differentiate between Family Records without a Marriage event, and those with a Marriage event.
They are all simply family relationships between a couple.
e.g. %INDI.~SPOU[2]> always refers to the 2nd partner whether strictly a marriage spouse or not, and is always associated with %INDI.FAMS[2]>% the 2nd family.
Perhaps this explains your missing Place entries above.

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