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Underline 'No Children'

Post by gerrynuk » 05 Nov 2011 10:27

gbrowne said:
 Since it is safer to assume there were no children until you find some, I'm suggesting we could have an option to automatically mark them as childless (with the line) until a child is attached ?

Whilst I can understand your reasoning my recollection from dealing with an intestate estate is that the assumption is that a person did have children (who therefore might be entitled to a share of the estate) unless there is reasonable evidence to the contrary. This of course raises the problem that except in limited circumstances (e.g. too young or medically unable to have children) you can never prove that a person didn't have children, only that they did!

My approach therefore is to leave matters unresolved and not use the 'No offspring marker' unless I have strong evidence that there were no children.

Your suggestion that the default position should be that FH shows a marker until children are found is, I believe, misleading unless the marker becomes 'No children found', which then clearly flags up that researches are on-going, or at least incomplete.

The ability of FH to set flags and change the appearance of diagrams depending on the existence of flags does, I believe, provide the best way for you to proceed.