* Died (in error)

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Died (in error)

Post by David_Lewis » 27 Jun 2012 11:06

Sometimes when entering lots of dates into family historian I sometimes enter informatiomn in the wrong box i.e enter a birth date into the death date box.

Ive usualy just deleted the date and then entered it into the correct box.

However Ive noticed that when i now run Narative reports it still says that the person died.

So how do I ensure that i remove this completely so it doesnt show that the person died and secondly is there anyway of listing all those individulas that would show up in a narative report that say they have doied when they havent?

Hope that makes sense


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Died (in error)

Post by tatewise » 27 Jun 2012 11:42

What is happening is the empty Death Event and Date field are temporarily retained by FH.

If you Save your data, Close/Exit FH, and re-Open FH, the empty data should be automatically deleted and vanish from Reports, etc.

N.B. From FH V4 onwards there is an Edit > Undo command that does the same job.
Perhaps it is time to upgrade to FH V5 with all its new features?
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Died (in error)

Post by LornaCraig » 27 Jun 2012 17:56

David, when you say you 'just delete the date', do you mean you just delete it from the death-date box on the main tab of the property box?  Unfortunately entering a date in the first place caused FH to create a death EVENT, which does not get deleted when you simply remove the date.  If you look at the Facts tab you will see there is now a death event there even though it has no date or other info related to it.

You will need to delete the death event from the facts tab of the property box to get rid of it completely (or do as Tatewise suggests, and upgrade to V5 so that you can use the 'Undo' command).

You should be able to use a query to produce a list of individuals who have a death event where the date field is empty.