* Please Read Before Posting Wishes

For existing requests please see The Wish List
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Please Read Before Posting Wishes

Post by Jane » 04 May 2004 15:54

Please check The Wish List and DO NOT post requests that are already covered there.

Also please check that there is not already a thread requesting the same thing you are asking for.

Remember I only do this as a free service and cannot spend hours sorting through requests which are
  1. Something that Family Historian already does (ask in the General Usage Forum).
  2. Covered in other Forums already (use a global Search... very top of this page).
  3. Covered in the [kb]|[/kb] already (use its own Search box top right).
  4. Already on the The Wish List.

In due course, entries in this Forum may either be
  1. Transferred to The Wish List where you can vote on them.
  2. Moved to another Forum , leaving a moved topic link.
  3. Moved to the Closed Wish List Requests Forum.

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