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For existing requests please see The Wish List
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wish list ratings

Post by TMG_refugee » 30 Jul 2021 14:17

What is the Average rating?
What is the score? Some of the highest scores have been there since 2006
Some requests have been there since 2006. How do we interpret the possibility of them being completed or the function is now in FH?

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Re: wish list ratings

Post by tatewise » 30 Jul 2021 14:25

SCORE is the total sum of all the Vote values, where each value is in the range 0 - 5.
VOTES is the number of users who have voted.
AVG RATING is the SCORE divided by the VOTES.

If they have been implemented they are not listed unless you tick Show Completed.

It is entirely up to CP to decide what is implemented so you & I cannot interpret the possibility of implementation.
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