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Create Custom Diagram Box Presets

Post by jsnyder » 24 Nov 2021 16:03

I would like to apply some updated diagram box configurations to older charts that I have created over the years. I know I can create and Save Diagram As > Custom Diagram Type, but when applying the custom type to older charts the entire chart is rebuilt and the overall chart configuration is lost. This can be especially discouraging when multiple trees are part of the chart or when there is a variety of open and closed branches. I also know I can Add Conditions to older charts' Boxes through Diagram > Options > Boxes, but this can be time consuming, particularly if it must be done for every older diagram. And I am aware that I can set more complex Box configurations in Diagram > Options > Save As Defaults but this would require changing those charts where the more detailed conditions weren't desired. All of this makes working with FH more time consuming and less efficient.

I was hoping to find something similar to Diagram Options > Text Schemes but for Diagram Boxes. The nearest feature is Diagram > Options > Box > Presets, but it is limited to just the nine presets. It would seem that a solution would be to have the ability to create custom Diagram Box Presets. After all, if the present DNA Flag Preset can change a existing chart without having to rebuild it, then other similarly complex Box Presets should be possible too -- again, somewhat similar to creating custom Diagram > Options > Text Schemes. To me, having the workflow of Diagram Text Schemes and Diagram Box Presets be the same would make sense.

Some in FHUG have noted that the Boxes tab does not have a Restore Defaults button. (There is the Presets button but it is not explained which preset is the Installation Default) and that the Save Current Diagram Options defaults are only applied to new diagrams. What is need is a Diagram > Save/Restore Options > Load Current Diagram Options command and/or a Load Saved Options button on each Diagram > Options... tab. That would set the displayed diagram's options to the currently saved diagram options.

There are many more settings on the other Diagram > Options tabs that users might want to migrate from a Diagram Type or Saved Chart to another Diagram Type or Saved Chart, so a button to do that on each tab would make working with FH more efficient.

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