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Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 15:04
by Linda Reinfeld
Mike -

I am having a problem with a fact/attribute in the Gedcom you create from the plugin Export Gedcom File v 4.6

In FH I have a fact called Occupation. It is a fact, a custom fact, and the status is checked. There is also something else called Occupation. However, this is an attribute. It is in the standard fact set. It also has a check in the status.

FH uses my custom fact, and everything is fine. However, in the Gedcom both the fact & the attribute are sent, and things are not fine.

1 _NAME Occupation
1 _LABEL Occupation
1 _ABBR Occup
1 _SENT {date} {individual} was {a/an value} {place} {age} ATTRIBUTE
1 _NAME Occupation
1 _SENT {date} {individual} was {note} {place} EVENT
1 _LABEL Occupation
1 _ABBR Occupation
1 _ROLE Witness
2 _VERB Witness
2 _SENT {individual} was associated with {%CUR_PRIN%} <and {=Witness(%FACT%,"Principal 2")}> {note} {date} {place}

How can I either get rid of the Occupation attribute, or cause it to be disabled? I can't delete it. I have hidden it, but that doesn't help in the Gedcom creating.

Thanks - Linda Reinfeld

Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 15:42
by tatewise
Linda, you don't say, but I guess you are exporting to GedSite, as that is usually the only mode that includes the _FACT definitions that you posted.

What exactly is the problem? Does GedSite not handle those Occupation definitions correctly?
In that case, you should talk to John Cardinal the GedSite author, because he requested the definitions to be included.
It is perfectly valid to have an event and an attribute with the same name.

Why are you using a custom Occupation event instead of the standard GEDCOM Occupation attribute?
The name Occupation does not appear in your Sentence Templates so would you be happy to change its name?
If so, that could easily be done, and avoid the conflict with the standard GEDCOM Occupation attribute.
Alternatively, it would be just as easy to convert your custom events to use the standard attribute.

Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 17:05
by Jim Byram
I'm seeing a similar thing for a different fact type. I'm using a test TMG data set imported to FH7 to look at source import in GedSite from FH7. The TMG import created a project-specific TMG fact set.

My global custom fact set has the fact type as an attribute. The TMG project fact type set has the fact type as an event.

The Export Gedcom File export added both the global and the TMG fact types. The exported fact uses the project's event fact type.

GedSite uses the first fact type encountered and that happens to be attribute fact type. So a mismatch occurs with the GedSite output.

Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 17:12
by Linda Reinfeld
Mike -

Coming from TMG I have not understood attributes very well. I tried to export my data using attributes as much as possible, but the Occupation data did not fit well so I made it into an event. I never imagined that it would be OK to have the same name fact be either an attribute or an event.

Why would someone do that? have the same name attribute & event? What benefit is it? - just trying to understand

I renamed the standard occupation-attribute, and all is well.

Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 17:27
by tatewise
As I said, it is perfectly valid to have an event and an attribute with the same name.
They can even be in the same Fact Set whether global or local.
So this appears to be a GedSite implementation problem that John Cardinal should be able to fix.

Do either of you actually use the FH exported Sentence Definitions in GedSite?
If not then they can be simply suppressed in the Plugin Extra Options tab tick options.

Fundamentally, there is absolutely no difference between Events and Attributes whatsoever, except that an Attribute can have a value (or some products call it a description). Many products do not differentiate between Events and Attributes by allowing all Facts to have a descriptive value. However, that causes problems when migrating the data to another product such as FH that does differentiate them.
You can do everything with an Occupation Attribute that you can do with an Occupation Event so there is no reason to have both, but the specification allows for it so the Plugin has to support it.

Yes, I had not thought of that trick, Linda. :D I presume that GedSite takes more notice of the LABEL than the NAME.

Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 17:28
by Jim Byram

Occupation is a standard GEDCOM attribute. The standard Occupation tag type in TMG should be set to export as OCCU. FH7 will import those tags as attributes.

We've talked about this but I don't recall why you would have a custom Occupation tag type in TMG.


Re: Plugin Export Gedcom File

Posted: 21 Jan 2022 17:43
by tatewise
There have been some 'novel' changes recently in the way FH imports facts from TMG.
FH v6.2.7 did focus on the GEDCOM Tag defined in TMG, then FH v7.0.1 changed to focus on the Name, but FH v7.0.9 reverted back to focus on the GEDCOM Tag. So it depends when you imported from TMG which strategy was in force.