* V6 and lots of plugins.

Writing and using plugins for Version 5 and above.
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V6 and lots of plugins.

Post by Ron Melby » 14 Jan 2022 11:11

is there anyone here who is still on V6 and has somehow downloaded almost every plugin in the store, or is there a way to get the path to the plugin store V6 and download all? I have been testing my profiler, and I have some large holes in my testing (I must make a decision based on file size of the plugin) and I need to find a decision path for 2 issues.

1. the size at which the call/return profiler will freeze the program.
2. the size at which the profiler will not crank up in time to profile a small program. (separate post on this later need help for a slick idea to fix this).

both issues are related to C knows threads, and the debug facilities are all about threads, but they cause unintended consequences for lua trying to look at itself. nevermind the memory limitations of lua.

on another tack for this, does anyone have luac.exe for 5.1? I cannot find it anywhere, and the lua place to get prior version binaries is messed up, and every binary earlier than 5.3.6. points to 5.3.6.
FH V.6.2.7 Win 10 64 bit

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