* file redirection method?

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file redirection method?

Post by Ron Melby » 17 Dec 2020 19:04

lets say I have several files and will output some to screen, some to different output files.

whether the program is in require or inline, and particularly where debug statements are concerned, or FH debug is on, the output either disappears into the bitbucket, is put in the wrong place or the io modules fail.

I have looked around the net, in the docs, and I have found one little snip that tells me its a problem (the whale is undoubtably one of the largest mammals alive today...hardly astounding or up to a level of informational)

is their a way to redirect this or self outputs and keep them organized within the code where they belong?

fh debug opens io to the screen on a print, and sometimes on a disk write statement. OK. fair enough, but needs work. I am distraught at the number of files I have written into with debugging statements.

my program writes to files, on disk. debug which is by necessity the first in callstack controls all overrides, redirections or whatever. I would like to localize my redirections in my program where I want them to go, and fh resume its overrides.

any information? thanks.

ps. it has happened again, do not know how I got two posts at one writing.
FH V.6.2.7 Win 10 64 bit

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