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note text from custom event?

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 19:33
by Ron Melby
function matTAG(eptr)
-- local ptrNOTE = fhNewItemPtr()

local LBL = fhGetTag(eptr)

local NOTE = fhGetItemText(ptr, '~.' ..LBL .. '.NOTE>')

eptr contains 'EVEN-TODO'
ptr contains INDI record

I got to this function knowing this indi does have a TODO
everything else prints correctly, I cannot get the text in NOTE

*NB I have several iterations tried none working

I went thru the query to get the data tags, but I still get no text and no errors.

what gets an EVEN-e NOTE
or an ATTR-a NOTE?

Re: note text from custom event?

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 20:08
by tatewise
The .NOTE> data reference represents a link to a separate shared Note record.
The clue is the > which identifies a record to record link.

The local Note for any item is represented by the .NOTE2 data reference.

In the Query you, unfortunately, chose the Note Record> option instead of local Note:-
(BTW: My To Do is an Attribute.)

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