* TMG conversion - progress report

Importing from or exporting to another genealogy program. This is the place to ask.
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TMG conversion - progress report

Post by elricks » 06 Jul 2021 01:30

Good morning from Melbourne. I am mindful that I should not be clogging up a place for real work with chit chat, so I promise I will not do this again. As you were all very helpful and supportive, I want you to know I have made my final 'interim' conversion. Thanks to you.

From now on I will ONLY be making changes in FH.

I found that I had to pare down my sentences. I have split memos, and I was unable to nut out how to handle FH's version of P1 and P2 successfully, so I simply (haha :!: ) changed the sentences. They now make sense, and more or less read as grammatically correct. You should have a smilie that shows 'sweating blood'

Now I know my data is safe, my moving forward plan is to investigate changing my input method (for all fact types), leaning toward AS. This means that I am hoping it is possible to run a database that has 2 forms for any given census year. Each individual may well have censuses recorded in both, BUT each census year will only appear ONCE for any given individual.

After that I will be working on producing an off line web site using gedsite.


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