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Exporting without living people

Posted: 21 Nov 2020 09:15
by E Wilcock
When sending gecoms to ancestry and fellow researchers, one often needs to remove living people.
This was very easy in TMG.
I cannot understand the two sets of instructions in fh.
I have not used flags in fh. and when I look at the glossary of terms in fh help, Flags is not even on the list.

To run a query to find people born before 1915, add the results to a named list and then export a gedcom seems a complicated way round. But us this what one does?
Does one have to export the selected people using fh file export? Then create a new project each time and use Mike's plug in on that to create the tree tailored for ancestry?
Surely there must be a way of creating a gedcom for ancestry without all those intermediate steps?
A further problem I met was that, if one removes living people from an ancestral tree of a living person there is no longer a root person

Re: Exporting without living people

Posted: 21 Nov 2020 10:47
by tatewise
FH Help:-
In the Glossary of Terms they are listed later under Record Flags
On the Index tab, Flags is listed as Flags (see Record Flags) and double-left-click that to go there.
Have you used the Favourites tab to save popular topics?

Try the FHUG Search for Flags and set Site Area: to Knowledge Base.

Yes, the TMG File > Export to GEDCOM command does have more options than the FH Export > GEDCOM File... command.
But it does not cope with as many different products as the Export Gedcom File plugin.

After using the Export > GEDCOM File... command you don't have to create a Project.
It offers to open the GEDCOM file immediately in FH, where Split Tree Helper and Plugins can be run.
The Clean Living Persons plugin does not need Flags and keeps the person in the tree but with anonymous details.
See Knowledge Base > Export to Website Without Sensitive Data and bookmark it.

Re: Exporting without living people

Posted: 23 Nov 2020 15:04
by Mark1834
There is another way if you are comfortable running a script outside FH. You can skim read down to the bottom of this thread ( ... 499#p88499) but the script attached towards the end produces a fully sanitised export in one simple step once set up. It’s ideal if you update the export frequently, as you don’t have to remember lots of individual settings across multiple steps.

I also use the “private” flag to exclude individuals from a tree, particularly where bereavement was relatively recent.