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Ancestry Gedcom

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 18:48
by ScottKorb
Just started using FH. Couple of issues importing Gedcom.

1. When I download from Ancestry it defaults to loading on FH. That means I can't download that Gedcom and import it anywhere else. I need to disable this function and manually import from desktop after downloading the Gedcom there

2. Did not import my maternal side at all, no idea why.

3. Did not import any of my media, which I have lots of

Hopefully these are simple issues attributable to the fact I am new. But I know techno generally above average and searched the FH support center and found nothing to help me with these issues.

Re: Ancestry Gedcom

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 19:57
by tatewise
Welcome to the FHUG Scott.

1. The default download action is often an option within your browser, but you can usually override or reconfigure that.
Tell us which browser you are using and we can advise on the options.
You are correct that the GEDCOM needs to be saved and then imported to FH as a Project.

2. Cannot explain why part of the tree was not imported without further investigation.
FH is usually very good at importing everything in the GEDCOM.

3. Ancestry, like most online web-based products, does not export Media which explains why FH did not import any.
However, for Ancestry, there is a workaround by using third party products such as Family Tree Maker or RootsMagic.

See the Knowledge Base > Import from Ancestry website advice for details.
That also explains some post import adjustments that will probably be needed, but can wait til later.