* Unmarried Status from FH to Gedsite

Importing from or exporting to another genealogy program. This is the place to ask.
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Unmarried Status from FH to Gedsite

Post by Senelstune » 17 Mar 2020 06:47

I am using Mike Tait's excellent GST plug-in to export a gedcom that goes into Gedsite. It works just fine, let me say.

I have read most of the abundant exchanges here about the treatment of relationships that are not traditional marriages based on a formal event, be it religious or civil. I have also read about possible ways of creating custom events/facts however I sense a general frustration with workarounds and potential solutions.

I need to record the presence of a simple "relationship". There is no event as such. There is no document or certificate. For example, imagine that Mr. Fred Bloggs is in a relationship with Ms Margaret May in Liverpool in 1950. That's it. Each of them considers himself or heself the Spouse of the other. I currently have each of them set up in FH as an unmarried spouse of the other. I do not need to set up an event or record for a "Liaision" or anything else if I can avoid it. I don't actually need to record the place or year either as I can cover that is some blurb later.

So how does this marital status get exported as a Gedcom GST (Gedsite) plug-in format, as the GedSite interpretation is

"Marriage Status: Catherine Jean Snelson; George Lord Dalby; Unmarried Couple;


"Marriage Status: He; Catherine Jean Snelson; Unmarried Couple"

I would be quite happy if both names were given for the Marriage Status of each person - rather than one of them always being "He" or "She".

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Unmarried Status from FH to Gedsite

Post by tatewise » 17 Mar 2020 11:15

Thank you for the compliments, John.

The Export Gedcom File Plugin, in (GST) Gedsite mode, defaults to exporting the GEDCOM file almost unaltered.
It optionally adds FH Fact Sentence Templates and allows a few minor adjustments.
That strategy was at the request of John Cardinal author of GedSite.
See Knowledge Base > Export Gedcom File ~ (GST) GedSite for details.

Clearly the Marriage Status of Unmarried Couple is detected by GedSite, and all the display formatting is performed withing GedSite, so you need to investigate your GedSite display settings, perhaps in consultation with John Cardinal.
The GEDCOM Marriage Status value is in the Family record structure as FAM._STAT.
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