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Importing from or exporting to another genealogy program. This is the place to ask.
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Heartfelt Thanks

Post by David2416 » 13 Dec 2017 16:31

I have now successfully imported my FTM 2017 database in FH 6.2.5 preserving all the information. I would like to thank Mike in particular for his expert and patient guidance. Handled are all the UDFs being transferred into Event or Attribute tags, or discarded as un-needed. In the process I have tidied up my idiosyncratic FTM database which developed over a period of years and through several iterations of PAF and FTM.

I now need to decide on how to consistently enter PLAC and ADDR information to take best advantage of Geocoding; how to attach media to places or people and have a source; how to synchronise with my laptop; open on the last updated person; multiple names and married names. However there are threads in the User Forum to advise on these issues which I have bookmarked for later consideration.

A really good feature of FH is the accessibility of the data. Becasue it's in a readable text file I was able to transfer my directory structure into FH by, after backups, editing the Gedcom replacing 'C:\Users\David\Documents\Family History\' with 'media\' and copying my data into the FH media folder. It may be a flat file but it is structured. Ok I cannot use SQL to query it; but I don't need to because FH has the facility to interrogate the data and produce datasets.

Regards David

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