* Crossover v21.0.0 released

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Crossover v21.0.0 released

Post by Valkrider » 03 Aug 2021 17:49

I have been beta testing Crossover v21.0.0 for the last couple of weeks on my Mac. I have found no new issues with regard to FH and AS. I have been unable to get the internal Edge browser to work though which was the same with v20. This release uses Wine 6.0.

It has been released today for Mac, Linux and Chrome OS for those with a licence you should get automatic update information next time you use it.

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Re: Crossover v21.0.0 released

Post by mjashby » 03 Aug 2021 19:18


I've also been testing the Crossover 21 Beta and the only improvement I've noted and reported is that RTF Tables created and formatted in FH7 and/or Ancestral Sources in a native Windows environment do now display their contents correctly in a Crossover/Wine app, but it is still not possible to 'modify' the FH7 RTF Table structure in a Crossover/Wine app as most Table editing options are 'greyed out', i.e. Cut, Copy, Paste Citation and Modify Table are not available.

Having also tested with native Wine installations (Wine 6.0 (Stable) through to 6.14 (Development)) with identical results on Linux, the display improvement and remaining limitations would seem to be 'Wine 6.x' limitations, associated with whatever way Calico Pie developers have implemented RTF features in FH7 in contrast with the 'normal' way such features work in the the Windows Word Processors/RTF Editors I've been able to test; which seem to work fully in a Wine environment.


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