* Genesis.gedmatch.com and DNA one-to-one comparison

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Genesis.gedmatch.com and DNA one-to-one comparison

Post by Gowermick » 05 Mar 2019 09:19

Found a gotcha on this site that users need to be aware of:-

Kit Numbers are Case Sensitive!

I entered my Kit as a932104 and top of the results list was a near 100% match to me. It didn't make sense, until I spotted the kit number being compared (shown at top of results table) was NOT a932104, but the kit number of the person with whom I had the 100% match (make sense :D )

Using A932104 as I should have, the comparison worked as expected. :oops:

CORRECTION it wasn’t the lower case a that was the problem, but me mistyping the number! It transpires I had typed a923104, instead of a932104. Sorry for any confusion
Mike Loney

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