* Flag check problem

Gedcom Census is a discontinued program and has been replace by Ancestral Sources.
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Flag check problem

Post by HiTowerUK » 14 Aug 2008 06:54

Hi Nick,

I seem to have run into a problem that I have never had before. I use GC regulalry without difficulty. Today, I have a message that the flag check has identifed out of sync records. I allowed the correction process. I then opened my FH file and received errors regarding duplicate entries.

Every time I open Gedcom Census, the same flag check error comes up on the same 11 people. looking at the gedcom file with a word processor, I can see that additional flags are being generated each time I allow GC to correct the error and this of course is generating duplicate entries in my gedcom which are picked up by FH when I open the gedcom.

Any ideas on how to break this loop? I have manually deleted the entries in my gedcom file and as expected, running GC attempts to corret the missing flags, which it does. The next run of GC then repeats the process, this creating the duplicates.



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Flag check problem

Post by NickWalker » 14 Aug 2008 09:58

Odd, presumably you have the latest version? I'll get in touch later via email

Best wishes

Nick Walker
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