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Gedcom Census is a discontinued program and has been replace by Ancestral Sources.
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Text for Source

Post by pamprice » 24 Oct 2008 20:59

I have used Gedcom census to input my census details and used auto text to
fill in the details. I have then open up the text box and adjusted it
slightly so that it is all in columns, but when I ask for a report it does
appear as this and they have all gone out of line. Have tried several times
but still seem to get some thing out of line. Can anyone help please?


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Text for Source

Post by NickWalker » 24 Oct 2008 21:52

The most frustrating thing for me about using FH is the lack of any way of really formatting source text or note fields. Bold, italics, etc. aren't available and there isn't really a satisfactory way of showing tables of data. There is a wish list item (currently 12th highest scoring but needs more votes!) to have notes support word-processing features so please vote for this to encourage Calico Pie to take notice.

Because of this limitation the obvious way to show census data is to use Tabs. However, tabs depend on the font and font size being used so although they might look fine when viewed in one font, they go all out of alignment when viewed in another, e.g. on a report. The font you would use on a report would almost certainly be bigger than that used for a text field within Family Historian or Gedcom Census.

One way around this is to not use tabs and Gedcom Census does have an option (under Tools->Options) to separate the columns using a different symbol instead, for example a comma. However, none of this really solves the problem satisfactorily.

All I can really do is to promise that when FH does finally support the use of tables of data in text fields I will try to devise a way for Gedcom Census to convert any existing source text that has been created using Tabs into whatever system Calico devise (maybe they'll use HTML for example).

I've got 600 census sources in my file transcribed that don't look good in reports and I just hope I can finally get them looking as they should when the next version of FH is released.

Hope this makes sense

Nick Walker
Ancestral Sources Developer