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"Whole person"

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 11:14
by ColinMc
Not sure if this should be in this Forum, or the main one, but as it is to do with AS settings, I'll ask it here, although I suspect it may belong more to the FH General forum.

In the General settings for AS is an option to create
name citation (i.e. the name of the individual is linked to the source via a citation)


'whole person' citation (individual is linked to source via citation)
The pop-up help, the AS & FH help files, the "Getting the Most" book and the Forum don't give any help (that I have found) as to what the difference is.

My only thought was it was to do with "Known As" scenarios, since the only variation seems to be the "Name".

If so, should the default use for most users be "Whole Person"? Mine is currently set to "Name" and I wonder if I should be changing it.

Re: "Whole person"

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 11:43
by Jane
I think this only applies when adding new records. This controls if the citation is added to the Name field or the "Whole Record" , the latter can be seen in Family Historian by clicking the drop down on the Citation pane and selecting <Whole Record>, it's just a personal preference as to which to use.

Re: "Whole person"

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 11:55
by tatewise
With the AS Tools > Options > General settings open click its Help button.
There under General Settings Page scroll down and it says:
Whole person and name citations: When a new individual is added to your file by Ancestral Sources you can opt to have a name citation (i.e. the name of the individual is linked to the source via a citation) and/or 'whole person' citation (individual is linked to source via citation) created. There are also options available to create whole person citations and/or name citations for every individual added to the new entry, even if they already exist in the file. If the option to have name citations created is selected then citations will also be linked to the name if the individuals name is changed.

Re: "Whole person"

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 12:57
by AdrianBruce
For what it's worth (even though I don't use Ancestral Sources) I use both Whole Person and Name citations. As Jane says, Whole Person citations are normally set up only when creating a person in FH. I just set "Enable Automatic Source Citations" in the yellow bar in FH and FH does both when I'm creating a person directly in FH - bear in mind that there are all sorts of source documents that can lead to creating a person, not just those handled by Ancestral Sources.

For a really average person the Whole Person and Name citations will be the same and will stay the same. However, the way I work, they might not stay the same. I might find a new middle name for someone in a new source, so that person will get another Name citation referring to the new source - but there is no need to alter the Whole Person citation. Also, it's not totally impossible that I want to record the existence of someone before I know their name.

Basically, the Whole Person citation tells me how I found out that this person exists. The name citation tells me how I found their name(s). It's not always the same source.

Re: "Whole person"

Posted: 09 Jan 2020 13:46
by ColinMc
Jane - that helps a bit, hadn't noticed that in FH.

Thanks Tatewise, but the quote I included in the original question was taken from the paragraph you quoted. What I was asking was what the difference/implication was.

AdrianBruce. I understand the difference now. I think for my purposes I'm happy to stay with Name Citations.