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Dead Slow Text Entry

Posted: 02 Dec 2019 17:34
by rfj1001
Normally text entry to AS is what you'd expect. ie the characters appear on the screen as quickly as I can type them.

Randomly in some sessions however, the characters will start to appear /very/ slowly. So for instance, on the Residence Screen for a baptism, I might type in the placename 'Liverpool'. On the screen, character L will appear in the Place field for the individual after a short delay, a second or so later it will appear against the Father, same delay for Birthplace and again for the Mother's field.

In total, it might take up to a minute for the whole word to appear in all four fields; there again it might stop part way through.

There's bags of memory, etc. and there are no similar typing delays with other apps if I try them concurrently.

AS version is 5.2.0 and is accessed from FH via the plugin.

Any ideas on how to find out what is happening or how to fix it.

Many thanks

Re: Dead Slow Text Entry

Posted: 02 Dec 2019 19:39
by tatewise
When entering such Place names AS tries to perform auto-completion much the same as FH.
I don't know how AS searches the GEDCOM Place records to invoke the necessary search, or whether it has a cache of Place names in its internal memory.
The behaviour is unusual, and never reported before, as far as I can recall.

Try reinstalling AS and hopefully the problem will fix itself.

If not, then Email the author Nick Walker for support.

Re: Dead Slow Text Entry

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 16:19
by rfj1001
Tx - will try that