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Adding person to census.

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 12:06
by Paulamoulton
Anyone any idea as to what is the easiest, simplest way to add a person to the census data as created by Ancestral Sources?
I have missed a relative whilst entering census data, as I have a policy of not entering non-related individuals such as servants and lodgers into the software list of individuals. Unfortunately, I have now discovered that a visitor who was not entered was, in fact, a sister in law to the head, and so I must enter it. I don't have enough confidence to fiddle with the source record, (I've learned to my cost what happens if one experiments), and trying to find an answer in the posts and knowledge, etc., is a nightmare so here we are....and I would be very grateful for any help, please.

Ms Paula Moulton

Re: Adding person to census.

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 12:24
by tatewise
Paula, it is not too difficult, but before giving precise details we need to know what style of Source Citations you use for Census records captured via AS.

Are you using AS with its default Tools > Options > Census settings of Method 1 (source per household)?
Your Source record Title would be quite long like 1911 RG14 1234 5678 SMITH, John Census.
Are you using AS with its Tools > Options > Census settings set to Method 2 (data in citations)?
Your Source record Title would be quite short like Census UK 1911 without any RG refs or individual name.

Do you use the Linked Images Add/View Images option in AS to attach Census page images?

Do you use the Text: Auto button in AS to create an automatic transcript?

Armed with those answers, we can explain how to add that sister-in-law.

Re: Adding person to census.

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 12:35
by Paulamoulton
Hi Mike, and many thanks for such a quick reply.

Yes, I think I am using Method 1 as my source record titles are long.
I assume that is the default.
And yes, I use Linked Images, Add/View Images option all the time.
And yes I do use the auto text to create the automatic text option.


Re: Adding person to census.

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 14:39
by tatewise
OK, so the method of adding the sister-in-law/visitor is straightforward.

I assume you have created an Individual record for her and linked her to her husband the same as any married couple.
If not, then do that first.

Locate any other member of the household in that Census, and in their Property Box open the Facts tab.
Select the appropriate Census event and click the Copy Fact button in the toolbar immediately below.
Now in the Property Box of the sister-in-law/visitor, open the Facts tab and click the Paste Fact button.

That should have copied the Census event with is Date, Place, Address and Source Citation link to the Source record.
The only thing to correct is her Age as recorded in the Census details.

While there, if you have no suitable birth details for her, then you can create a Birth event with an approximated Date and the Place as recorded in the Census details. (You may research for better birth details later.)
Now select the Census event, and in the yellow Sources For pane, click the Copy Citation button.
Select the Birth event and in the yellow Sources For pane, click the Paste Citation button.
That should apply the Source Citation to the Birth event.

Compare her Census and Birth events and Source Citations with the other household members.

I assume she had no Occupation specified in the Census details.

Finally, the Source record itself may need updating to include her details in the transcript.
So open the Property Box of the Source record and review the Text From Source field.
Edit the text to add a row for the sister-in-law/visitor with details extracted from the Census image.
Use the same style of layout as for the other rows.
The existing attached Media image does not need changing and includes all the details you need.

The above manual exercise illustrates how much AS does for you automatically.

Re: Adding person to census.

Posted: 17 Oct 2019 15:13
by Paulamoulton
What a guy!!
Many thanks for that, Mike. I am impressed.
Your explanation was very explicit, and easy to follow. It worked perfectly.
It must be extremely helpful to know exactly how everything fits together like you obviously do.
One day, when I am not trying to get to the end of a seemingly endless Family History project for my friend John, I will have a proper study of the whole program and your plug-ins.
In the meantime, I am so glad that you are there to help.
In appreciation,
Paula Moulton.