* Deleting Citation Source Text

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Deleting Citation Source Text

Post by WBFamHist » 30 Jun 2022 07:22

Since purchasing the original version of FH (back in 2002 I think), I have added a number of Citation/Source Texts. Several of these are no longer needed or used and I wondered if there is any way of deleting them to reduce my Citation/Source Text listing. I couldn't see how to do this in the User Group discussions. (Currently using V7.0.11)

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Re: Deleting Citation Source Text

Post by tatewise » 30 Jun 2022 10:46

I've moved this to the FH General Usage forum as it does not appear to be to do with the Ancestral Sources program.

When you talk about reducing Citation/Source Text listings are you referring to the Sources section in Reports?
If so then there are Report settings that can turn off almost any of the Citation/Source fields.
They apply to all Citation/Source items in the Report.
So if you only want selected text to be omitted then they must be selectively deleted.

Can you please explain exactly which field text you are referring to.
Is it text fields such as Text From Source or Notes in your Source records, or are they the similarly named fields in your Citation-specfic data?
Alternatively, please provide a screenshot or two of the text fields. See Forum Usage Tips under Attachments and Taking Screenshots for advice.
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