* Beware deleting Source records with 0 Citations

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Beware deleting Source records with 0 Citations

Post by tatewise » 26 Feb 2021 16:01

In the Records Window on the Sources tab the Citations column is 0 if the record is unused.
So it should be safe to delete any such Source records. Do you agree?

But if that Source record is associated with a Prepared Citation that is being composed then both the Source record and the Prepared Citation will get deleted.
You need to check View > Record Links... to see if the Header > Prepared Citation is listed before it is safe to delete.

Also, if File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File... is used with Unconnected records ticked (the default) then that Source record will get excluded from the exported GEDCOM file.

The Citations column ( =LinksTo() ) being set to 0 even when linked to the Prepared Citation is "by design" according to CP.
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