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Family Relationships

Posted: 30 Jul 2020 10:54
by oldenstar
Like many FH users I expect I tend to print out lots of information before inputting to FH. I am trying to organise my folders, specifically for indirect relatives, cousins and the like. I don't like paper chaos!
Can I produce a list of relationships from FH so that I can label my folder indexes, i.e. First cousins, Great Uncles, etc.?
Or is there a list somewhere I can crib from? Considering the removes, I expect this is a long list.
Many thanks

Re: Family Relationships

Posted: 30 Jul 2020 11:01
by tatewise
I believe that the FH installed Records Window has a Column for Relationship to Root by default.
If it is not there, then it can easily be added.

Also the View > Standard Queries > All Individuals includes the same Relationship to Root column.
A variant of that, customised into your desired Index order, could be printed directly to produce your Index pages rather than label them by hand.

What is the order of your Index? By name, record Id, or what?

Re: Family Relationships

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 10:20
by oldenstar
So sorry Mike. I didn’t read your reply closely enough.
I index by name currently but I’m thinking of doing it on a generation basis. That way all the relationships such as second cousins, twice removed, for example, will be in the same area.

Thank you btw, I did print out that list as you suggested, which gives me the correct relationships. I should have realised that myself. There is no substitute for stupidity.

Thanks again


Re: Family Relationships

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 10:58
by tatewise
I am interested in your indexing concepts.

If you index by Relationship to Root then does that make it difficult to find somebody by their Name or their Record Id?

I suggest that whatever order you keep your paper folders, you need several alternative printed indexes.
i.e. One ordered by Surname, ForeName, one by Record Id, and one by Relationship to Root.
Then whichever is your primary search term (Name, Record Id, Relationship) you can find the person and their folder.
Starting with Surname, Forename use the Name Index to find their Record Id and Relationship to Root.
If necessary, then use the Relationship Index to find their paper folder.

It is easy to produce each Index from the one Query by including the appropriate Columns and then sort on each Column in turn and print each one.

Re: Family Relationships

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 14:19
by Mark1834
I have a system for one of my databases where the individual reference number is determined by their relationship to the home person (i.e. me).

Master is S01.
Their father is R01 and mother is R02
Father’s parents are Q01/Q02, and mother’s parents Q03/Q04
In general, An’s father is always (A-1)(2n-1), and mother is (A-1)2n.
Siblings of direct ancestors are marked for example as R04S01, R04S02, etc, and their spouses and children with further appended terms.

It looks a bit complicated, but it makes it very easy to identify relationships at a glance, select and sort by generation and relationship, list in a logical family order, etc. It’s not really practical beyond first cousins, but in general that is where I stop anyway. Some renumbering may be required if new children are discovered (eg born and died between censuses), but that is easily done with a global search and replace. Double cousins end up with two different numbers, so it does get more complex with intra-family relationships, but no system is perfect...