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Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 20:59
by wigansaint
Hi I am having trouble with census icons which don't show in the diagrams.I recently downloaded a set of icons and installed them in the icons folder of family historian as suggested.
When I have a diagram I use the options choice in the diagram menu,and then chose boxes on the diagram options. I then chose the Add condition, record flag and then chose a new name for flag and then icon to use.
These icons do not show in the diagrams. I have tried to add the icon before I enter the census information through AS but with no luck. I have also tried by closing FH and reloading but the icons still don't appear. Some birth cert and marrige cert icons are showing.
Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 23:27
by tatewise
If you chose a new name for the Record Flag then that flag does not yet exist.
So you must use main menu Edit > Record Flags and use New... button to create a Record Flag with that new name and add it to Individuals. But that should not be necessary.

There are tools in AS which create the Record Flags for you automatically so you don't need to create them.

However, those Record Flags are now redundant in recent versions of FH because you can use the Census Events directly.
In the Diagram > Options > Boxes tab use << Add Condition > Expression instead of Record Flag.
In the Expression box enter %INDI.CENS[year=1911]% click OK and then choose your 1911 Census Icon.
Repeat that for each year 1901, 1891, 1881, etc.
That way, as soon as you add the Census Event for any year the Icon will get added to the Diagram.
No Record Flags needed at all.

See Knowledge Base > Using Flags and Icons and Expressions for details.

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 18:11
by wigansaint
Thanks for that. While on the subject I'll ask as question I think I know the answer to.

Its possible if I use an icon for all 8 census,birth,marriage,death an baptism the icons could run to 2 lines underneath the individuals box. Is it possible to have an icon in the persons box(e.g an i) so that if I click on it it opens up another box,similar to property box and shows the icons associated with that person? (Or is this a topic for the wish list)

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 19:26
by Jane
You can't put icons in the boxes, but you can have two lines.

If you are using flags to control the icons, you can add a tab to the property box to show all the flags and the status of the flags.

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 21:39
by tatewise
It is not possible to achieve exactly what you request, but something very similar is possible.

I would advise you to use the 8 Census, Birth, Baptism, Marriage, and Death events to govern the Diagram features.
That way you don't need to remember to set each Record Flag every time you add those events.
If you forget to set any Record Flags, the Diagram will be inaccurate, whereas the events themselves guarantee accuracy.

The simplest option is to list all those 12 events within each Individual box on the Diagram, but boxes could get large.

Alternatively, the existence of any one of those events could affect any of the box features: fill, line, shape, shadow, etc.
A double-click on a box opens the Individual Property Box, which could list those 12 events on a custom tab.
So with a double-click and one more click on the custom tab, the status of the events is revealed.
That could be quite quickly customised now, without waiting for some future enhancement that may never happen.
If interested in such customisation, just let us know.

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 19:29
by wigansaint
As long as customisation isnt to difficult I'll have a go.

Re: Census icons not showing on diagrams

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 21:30
by tatewise
The customisation should not be too difficult. Let me summarise what is involved, but don't actually start yet.

Customise Diagram Boxes

Firstly, if I understand correctly, you are no longer interested in displaying up to 12 Icons on your Diagram boxes.
You just want a unique box feature to indicate that one or more of those 12 key Events exist for the Individual.

So you will be using the Diagram > Options > Boxes tab Conditions feature a lot.
I suggest you select any Condition you no longer need and click Delete Condition >>.
You will use << Add Condition > Expression several times for the Event status you want to detect.
Each Expression will specify a Data Reference for the specific Event status you want to detect.
To detect a Birth Event use the << Insert Data Ref button and select Individual - Events - Birth
To detect a Marriage Event use the same button and select Individual - Family as Spouse - Events - Marriage
Repeat similarly, for each other Event.
For each one you will choose the same Box Feature(s) you want to signal that the Events exist.

However, you may want to detect that those Events have Source Citations rather just a bare event.
Let me know if you want such extra status to be detected.
i.e. What status would have caused you to set the Record Flag to trigger the Icon in your original proposal?
Maybe you had not thought that through, so this is the time to consider such things before proceeding further.
Almost every Individual will probably have a Birth event, so if that is detected then almost every box will have the special feature, which won't be very useful.

Customise Property Box

On reflection, the Main tab of the Property Box already shows several of your key Events.
i.e. Birth and Death events, plus Marriage for each Spouse in the tabs below.
So the only customisation to add here will be for the Baptism event, which I will talk you through later.

The Census events are too many to add to the Main tab so they need a new custom tab of their own.
That will list every decade from 1841 to 1911, and cater for 1921 due soon, plus the 1939 Register.
Most of that customisation already exists in Knowledge Base > Property Box Tab ~ Census UK so take a look at that.

Before we embark on the actual customisations are you happy with the above summary?