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merging 2 files

Posted: 08 Oct 2019 17:19
by Coutch56
I had my tree on one file on my PC and somehow when I started using my laptop it created a second identical file. I now have two files with over 2000 people on each. Some of the people are different between the 2 and some info is different between the 2. Dates, Notes . Is there anyway to merge the two files together. Both are Titled - :o Turner and Logan. ged, so when I go to merge and try to bring them up, only one shows, but if i go to File > Gedcom File Tasks - they are both there and once and a while I end up putting info into different ones. Help please, I dont want to go through evcery record and figure out which are the same and which are different. Is there and easy solution.
Joe Couture

Re: merging 2 files

Posted: 08 Oct 2019 17:56
by Valkrider
Removed following @Mike's comment below.

Re: merging 2 files

Posted: 08 Oct 2019 20:15
by tatewise
I am sorry Colin, but I think you have given Joe some misleading advice to use Record Merging rather than File Merging, and that Plugin is of little help as it makes the process too complex.

Joe, it would be a good idea to explain how you migrate your Projects between PC and laptop.
That would throw some light on how you should be able to select and merge the two similar but different copies.

It is not possible to have two Projects with the same name in the same Family Historian Projects folder.

I presume the Project on both PC and laptop is listed in the File > Project Window as Turner and Logan?

The detailed explanation of how to merge two Projects is in Knowledge Base > Merge/Compare File.
That feature semi-automatically matches up all Individual, Family, Source, and all other records.
It also retains all data such as Dates and Notes, unless there are conflicts, which you have to resolve.
BUT do not do anything yet until we all understand what procedures need to be followed.
If you ignore that advice you may permanently damage your data irretrievably.

When the synchronisation is complete, we need to explain how to keep the one Project identical on both PC and laptop.