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Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 14:21
by AGP
To whom it may concern. 

I understand that this is the address for the user group and you may be able to assist me. I have recently completed my family tree back to 1774. Given the number of individuals involved ( over 280 ) this has had to be sprèad over 21 seperate charts in order to be readable and printable. 

I now wish to put the information on one comprehensive chart for printing. Can anyone assist me with acheiving this ? If not where can i find the information? .

Kind regards 

Alan G Pearce

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Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 14:25
by Jane
280 is a pretty small diagram in Family Historian terms. Have you tried an All Relatives diagram it should only be a few meters long? You can add in additional diagrams if you need them for related Families. If you want to keep it compressed as much as possible use a short text scheme and trim the spacing down in the Diagram Options

What size are you hoping to print the diagram? If you want lots of small diagrams for a book you could simply add all the small charts to a book.

Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 14:51
by LornaCraig
As Jane says, the All Relatives diagram is the best start. There are various ways of moving boxes and branches to save space using the Movement Control Box (click the second icon from the right in the diagram toolbar, then click the Help button in the box for further guidance).

Once you have arranged the diagram as you want it, the recommended technique to prepare it for printing is to Save Diagram As > PDF file, selecting the option to 'Adjust PDF File Page Size so that Diagram fits onto One Page (if possible)'. See this article in the Knowledge Base for more advice (you will not need to install a PDF creator because you are using V6 which has Family Historian PDF built in): Knowledge Base > Single Page PDF of a Diagram

Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 15:01
by tatewise
I've move this thread to the FH General Usage Forum that is more appropriate.

The advice given so far is excellent, but there are also online chart publishers who will work from your FH Project.
See Knowledge Base > Downloads and Links ~ Publishers.

This all assumes that when you mention "one comprehensive chart for printing" you mean a single page PDF that can be sent to a local printing company to print on a large sheet of paper.

Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 15:35
by ColeValleyGirl
Is 280 the total number of people in your tree or the total number of ancestors (which may be much smaller)?

280 is a very small number for everyone, but if you've gone 9/10 generations back without including anyone without ancestors, you will have between 256 and 512 ancestors.

Knowing which is the case will help us improve our answers.

Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 17:28
by tatewise
Regarding Jane's earlier advice about using a more compact Text Scheme, maybe you are not aware of the method of choosing an alternative that will make the boxes smaller and thus the Diagram smaller.
With the Diagram displayed use Diagram > Options > Text tab and Select Text Scheme with less text.
e.g. Birth, Marr, Death or even Name, Dates

Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 15:38
by AGP
I must be doing something wrong. I am not sure where to start. Chart 1 ? If so all relatives only gives me all the relatives on chart 1. How do I bring in the other 20 charts ?


Re: Making one comprehensive chart

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 16:11
by tatewise
As usual, a few more clues would help us give you an answer.

Who are you choosing as the Diagram root?
Since you say you've found lots of Ancestors, presumably you are choosing yourself and perhaps your wife too?
See Knowledge Base > View Both Spouses’ Ancestors for how to choose both spouses.
Don't start by opening any existing saved FH Charts.
Start from the main Focus Window, choose your root, and then click the All Relatives Diagram icon in toolbar above.

Usually the All Relatives Diagram shows All Generations Up & Down.
But just check Diagram > Options > General tab Generations Up/Down are set to All.

Are all your Individual records in Pool 1, which means they are all related?
Run the View > Standard Queries > Search for Orphans and check everyone is in Pool 1.

Are the Ancestors you have recorded all direct blood line Ancestors or are some only related by marriage?